Endolf is a free premium responsive WordPress theme from fabthemes.com. This theme is built on Bootstrap 3 framework. This is a News portal, Magazine type theme. The theme comes with custom homepage, custom widgets, custom menu and theme option page.

Theme options

Theme comes with an options panel to customize its settings.

1. News Ticker section

This is a news ticker section above the header. It shows articles from a selected category in the form of an automated ticker.

You have the option to select a category and number of posts to show on the ticker.

2. Features News

This is a slideshow secton on the homepage. You can give this section a custom title, select a category and number of items to display.

3. Promoted articles

This is a section of 3 articles located to the right side of the featured slider. This can be used to showcase certin articles as promoted articles. You have the option to give a custom title and select a category for this.

4. Latest news section

There is a blog section on the homepage, that lists the latest blog entries. You can customize the title and the number of posts for this section.

5. Custom styling

Use this options to color customize your theme.

6. Banner settings

Use this options to customize the banner ads on the sidebar.

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