Wp-Insert is the most powerful yet easiest to use wordpress ad management plugin which does a lot more than ad management. In case you need a specific requirement of placing the ad within your post, then you have the Adsense WordPress Plugin Wp Insert to help you out. And remember the ability of placing a Google Adsense ad in between a post is something even the official plugin wont do.



  • Insert Ad Above, Below, To the Left and Right of Page/Post Content
  • Insert Ad in the Middle of Page/Post Content with intelligent midpoint detection algorithms
  • Insert Ads into the Sidebars using Ad WIdgets
  • GUI Driven Rules based System to control when and where to display Ads
  • Insert Ads directly into the theme files with control over when and where to display Ads
  • Insert Google Analytics Code easily
  • Insert any type of Embed codes into the Header / Footer of your Site
  • Style Ads the Way you want
  • Does not slow down your site (Highly Efficient Algorithms)
  • Legal Page Templates (Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, Copyright) to kick start your Legal Pages
  • A/B Testing Facility for Ads
  • Geo-targeted Country Specific Ad Placement
  • Backed by SmartLogix, The Unparalleled WordPress Specialist

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